International Review of Business Research Papers.

Volume 6. Number 5 November  2010    issue

ISSN: 1832-9543

Table of Contents   

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Effects of board attributes on Chinese pharmaceutical firms Zhe Zhang and Zhi Xu



The Relationship among Brand Personality, Brand Image, and  Perceived Service Quality Kang-Ning Xia and Yu-Tse Lin
3 AN ARDL Model of Factor Determining Iran's Oil Export Revenues (1971-2008) Mohammad Hassani and Amirali Nojoomi
4 Export Assistance Programs: Insights from Canadian SMEs Peter Yannopoulos
5 Patterns of past monthly return performance and future price movements Abdulaziz M. Alwathainani
  6 Exploiting digital convergence: IPTV, a new way forward for telecoms? Alberto Pezzi
7 Measuring Earnings Inequality in Full-Time Earnings: An Australian Example Alexis Esposto
8  Evidence of Online Shopping: A Consumer Perspective Mohammed T. Nuseir, Nitin Arora, Morad M. A. Al-Masri, and Mazhar Gharaibeh
  9 Towards an Italian natural gas exchange: the implementation of the Clearing House model Guendalina Capece, Livio Cricelli, Francesca Di Pillo and Nathan Levialdi
  10 Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility by Bangladeshi Managers: An Exploratory Study Fernanda P. Duarte1 and Shafiqur Rahman
11 Gender Stereotypes and Analyst Recommendations Joanne Lee and Eric Terry
12 Aadoption of Six Sigma: Review of Empirical Research Venkateswarlu Pulakanamn and Kevin E. Voges$
 13 Motivations, Success Factors and Problems Encountered by Chinese Women Entrepreneurs: A Factor Analysis Lei Zhu and Hung M. Chu
 14 Comparison between Accounting, B. A. and T. E. Students on the Impact of Their Majors on Personal Satisfaction in Acquiring General Skills Vida Mojtahedzadeh, Seyed Hossein Alavi Tabari and Maryam Asgharzadeh Badr
15 Art of Marketing Village Crafts; Challenges in Applying Quantitative Marketing to Resist Recession Vanaja Menon
 16 The Language of Annual Reports as an Indicator of the Organizationsí Financial Situation Willi Dias and Raquel Matias-Fonseca
 17 Cultural Intelligence: Leveraging Differences to Bridge the Gap in the International Hospitality Industry Pallvi Arora and Neelu Rohmetra
 18 Malleable Delphi: Delphi Research Technique, its Evolution, and Business Applications Anthony R. Romano
 19 Designing an online publication system for Malaysian universities Foad Marzoughi and Mohammad Mehdi Farhangian
 20 Recession of 2009: The Role of Small Business in the Recovery Fred Maidment
 21 Probe into Modes of International Human Resource Management in Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises Yan Gao and Margaret E. Mitchell
 22 FDI Location Choice at Provincial China Yuan-Hsin (Rita) Chiang
 23 Investment, Board Governance and Firm Value: A Panel Data Analysis Ruzita Abdul Rahim, Mohd. Hasimi Yaacob, Norazlan Alias and Fauzias Mat Nor
 24 Application of CAPM in Measuring Risk and Return for Selected Markets of Iranís Economy Mohammad Reza Tavakoli Baghdadabad, Azadeh Noori Hoshyar and Afsaneh Noori Houshyar

 Identification of Factors Affecting Chinese Wine Consumersí Loyalty Yong:

Tae Bang and Jin Qing Du

 Cross Country Mean and Volatility Spillover Effects of Food Prices: Evidence for Asia and Pacific:

Md. Fardous Alom, Bert D. Ward and Baiding Hu

 Solving Online Security Problems for E-Commerce by SiteKey:

Hongwei Du

 An Estimation of Inflation Threshold for Nigeria 1970-2008:

Doyin Salami and Ikechukwu Kelikume

 Implications of Deregulations in the Financial Markets, 2008:

William H. Allen, Joan W. Williamson and Michael Casson

 Barriers to Implement TQM in Japanese Way:A Study on Companies in Malaysia

Jamal Abdul Nassir Shaari

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