International Review of Business Research Papers.

Volume 8. Number 5  July  2012   issue   ISSN: 1832-9543

Table of Contents   

No..             Papers                 Author

The Prospect of Factor Market Reforms in China and its Impact on the World Economy

James Xiaohe Zhang



FMCG Portfolio Budget Allocation to Price Promotions Using Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

Juan Franco-Laverde, Andrew Littlewood, Craig Ellis, Ingrid Schraner and Maria-Estela Varua


The Conduct of the General Election and Good Governance in Malaysia as Perceived by the Young Generation

Mohd Arip Bin Kasmo


Transmission of Nominal Exchange Rate Variation to Domestic Prices and Monetary Policy in Tunisia

Fatma Marrakchi Charfi  and Fatma Siala Guermazi


Preferred Sources of Financial Information and Communications for Superannuation Decisions

Michael Ntalianis


Effective Corporate Monitoring: Independence, Motivation and Means

Lyndal Drennan, Simone Kelly, Ray McNamara and Michelle Martin


Predictors of Consumer Goods Importers’ Trust and Commitment in an Emerging Market

M Abu Saleh and Ali Quazi


The Segmentation of Loan Interest Rates by Regional Financial Institutions: A Panel Cointegration Analysis

Shohei Ishibash


The Impact of the Australian Stock Exchange’s Corporate Governance Codes on Investor Confidence

Tek Lama, Garry Tibbits and Colleen Puttee


Kuwaiti Banks Efficiency: An examination of technical and Allocative Efficiency over the period 1994-2009

Walid Abdmoulah and Belkacem Laabas


Capital Structure Effect on Firms Performance: Focusing on Consumers and Industrials Sectors on Malaysian Firms

Zuraidah Ahmad, Norhasniza Mohd Hasan Abdullah and Shashazrina Roslan


Empirical Analysis of Stock Return Distribution’s Impact upon Market Volatility: Experiences from Australia

Xin Zheng


An Investigation into the Volatility and Stock Returns Efficiency in African Stock Exchange Markets

Njimanted Godfrey Forgha


Calculating the Paid Off-farm Work Contributions of Women in Australian Agricultural and Rural Communities

Therese Jefferson and Anusha Mahendran


Assessment method difference: comparisons between international and domestic students within a first year undergraduate management course

E John McElvaney, Jan Fermelis and Helene Strawbridge


Development of an Operational Decision Making Model for Transportation of Goods into a New Demand Area

Khan Md. Ariful Haque, Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Ripon Kumar Chakrabortty, Shakh Alauddin and Ripon Haydar





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