International Review of Business Research Papers.

 Vol.6   No.3  August  2010

ISSN: 1832-9543

Table of Contents   

No..             Papers                 Author



Performance of Japanese MNEs in Developed Countries: The Case of Europe and USA   Mourad Mansour
   2 Enhancing Procedural Efficiency in Multiple-Industry Ratio-Based Modeling of Corporate Collapse Ghassan Hossari
   3 Can We Discuss This? - Student Led Discussions in the University Business Classroom Peter Woods 
   4 Causes of Inflation in the Iranian Economy: Hamed Armes Habibollah Salarzehi, Noor Mohammad Yaghoobi and Alireza Heydari
   5 Organizational Values in Public and Business Organizations in Kuwait Mmohammad Qase Al-Qarioti and Yousef Mohammad Al Mutairi
   6 Ethnic Identity Dilemma – A Case Study of the Indian Muslims in  Penang, Malaysia Saidatulakmal Mohd
  7 The Drivers of European Credit Spread Changes Finbarr Murphy and Bernard Murphy.
  8 Organizational Change and Anxiety: A Proposed 5R's Model Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Alqahtani and Sanad A. Alajmi.
  9 A Re-examination of Informed Trading and Firm Size in the Thailand Capital Market Bin Tang, Yafeng Qin and Min Bai.
 10  Attitudes of University Students Towards Economic and Sustainable Development, in Istanbul Kezban Talak Eyüboğlu, Ozden Uslu and Mehmet Deniz Oz
 11 An Examination Of The Nature And Type Of ‘Organizational Learning Infrastructure’ That Supports Inter-Project Learning In Swedish Consultancy Firms . Wise Mainga
 12 Exploring the Use of Public Pro-Training Initiatives: Insight from a Study of Polish SMEs1  Akin Fadahunsi and Małgorzata Senko.
 13 employee  satisfaction: Work-related and personal factors: Kanjana Kessuwan and Nuttawuth Muenjohn..
 14 Earning Response Coefficients And The Financial Risks Of China Commercial Banks: Cheng F F and A. Nasir.
15 Do Resources Contribute to Firms’ Performances? Exploring Batik  Industry in Malaysia: Dewi Izzwi Abdul Manan and Nawawi Mohd Jan......
16 Financial Aid as Support for Student Accessibility to Higher Education in Pakistan Anila Fatima and Mohamed Nasr

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