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Vol. 5 No.4 June  2009   

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 Inside the ‘Crystal Triangle’: The US ‘War on Narcoterrorism’ in Colombia  

   Oliver Villar

 Impact of the opinion given out by the auditor and of his reputation on discretionary  accruals

 Nadaa Hachicha Elfouzi and Mohamed Ali Zarai

 Competitive  Strategic  Alliances Through Knowledge Value  Chain

Arash Najmaei  and Zahra Sadeghinejad


 European Union Membership and Exchange Rate Convergence in Central and Eastern  Europe

 Alexandra Horobet , Livia Ilie , Cosmin Joldes

 Understanding the Environment and Cultural Linkages in a Utility Subsidized   Economy: A Case Study of Kuwait

 Ali Aljamal, Hanas Cader and Mohsen Bagnied

 Assessing Employees Perception On   Health And Safety  Management In Public   Hospitals

 Nor Azimah Chew Abdullaha and others

 Assessing relationship among performance, managerial practices, sales force   Automation:  A study on Unilever & Dalda Pakistan

 Amara Haroon &Mr.Shakil  Ahmed


 How to manage the costs of service departments using Activity-Based Costing

 Boris  Popesko


 Leadership and Management Development: An Action Research Project

Chris Booth  and Michael Segon


 Competency-Based Management and Global Competencies – Challenges for Firm  Strategic Management

 Claudia Ogrean, Mihaela Herciu and Lucian Belascu

 Globalisation and Its Influence on Strategic Human Resource Management,   Competitive Advantage and Organizational Success.

Deepika Faugoo

 Signalling Corporate Collapse using a Dual-Classification Scheme: Australian   Evidence

 Ghassan Hossari

 Role of Research and Development in Product Innovation; a Correlation study

 Iqra Rafique Dar, M.Shakil Ahmed


 Reality and Surreality in Management Education: Linking Praxis to Practice through    Pragmatic Pedagogy

 Lawrence Loh

 Cross Cultural Difference Between Online Shoppers in London and Bangkok.

 Alan  Hirst & Marie Ashwin


 Determining the Exchange Rate of the Common GCC Currency under a Fixed   Exchange Rate Regime

 Ebrahim Merza  and Hanas Cader

 The Impact Of Activity Based Costing On Firm Performance: The Australian    Experience

 Monir Zaman

 Employers' Attitudes and Concerns about the  Employment of Disabled People

 Mourad Mansour


 Resources, Organizational Capabilities and Performance: some empirical evidence   from Vietnam’s supporting industries.

Nham Phong Tuan and Yoshi Takahashi

 Oil Prices And The Malaysia Economy

 Norasibah Abdul Jalil, Gairuzazmi Mat   Ghani and Jarita Duasa

 The Need for Improved Skills in the Australian Meat Industry

Ferry Jie and Kevin   A. Parton


 The Impact Of Reward And Recognition Programs On Employee’s Motivation And   Satisfaction: An Empirical Study

Reena Ali1 and M.Shakil Ahmed

 Development Of MBA Program-Service Quality Measurement Scale

Farah Merican,  Suhaiza Zailani and Yudi Fernando

 24  Stock Spams: An Empirical Study On Penny Stock Market Taoufik Bouraoui

 Employers’ Feedback On Business Graduates: An Exploratory Study In Curtin   Sarawak

 Poh Yen, Ng, Shamsul Kamariah, Abdullah, Pai Hwa, Nee Nga Huong,  Tiew


 A Comprehensive Model of Anxiety in Gift Giving

Takahiro Chiba, Shingoh  Iketani, Ke Han, and Akinori Ono


 Financial Structure And Bank Lending: Asymmetries Of A European Monetary   Policy

Rafaela Pizarro-Barceló

Impact of Political Event on Trading volume and Stock Returns:The Case of KSE

Sidra Malik, Shahid Hussain and Shakil Ahmed


Sales Force Automation And Organization ProfitabilityThe Case of Unilever And  Dalda Companies

Naseha Kanwal Shakil Ahmed


Recognising Value Based Approach In Corporate Governance: Institutionalization Of   Ethics

 Zaleha Othman and Rashidah Abd Rahman

Ias/Ifrs Adoption By Italian Listed Companies: First Empirical Evidences

 Alessandro Cortesi, Elena Montani, Patrizia Tettamanzi

Barriers of Tourism industry Through Community Capacity Building

Fariborz Aref ,   Ma’rof Redzuan , Zahid Emby , Sarjit S .Gill

 The Time Series Behaviour of Volume, Initial Return and Economic Condition of the   Malaysian IPO Market 

 Fennee Chong and Chin-Hong Puah

 Playing by the Rules within Banks

 Monica Baraldi

 Stock Return, Volatility And The Global Financial Crisis In An Emerging Market :The Nigerian Case

 Olowe, Rufus Ayodeji

 The Implication of Adopting the Compliance Program in Italian Holding Companies

 Simona Alfiero and Silvana Secinaro


Car Islamic Insurance- Influence of Age, Education & Income in Pakistan and U.A.E:   A Comparative Study

 Samina Riaz

 Impact Of Stress On Employee Productivity, Performance And Turnover; An   Important Managerial Issue

 Subha Imtiaz & Shakil Ahmad


E-Mall As Solution For  Marketing The Federated ERP Components On The Basis of Web Services

Evan Asfoura , Naoum Jamous , Gamal Kassam  and Reiner Dumke

 Knowledge brokers: a winning strategy for improving knowledge transfer and use in  the field of health

Saliha Ziam, Réjean Landry, Nabil Amara

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