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Vol. 5 No.3 April  2009   

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 Impact Of The Opinion Given Out By The Auditor And Of His Reputation On   Discretionary Accruals

 Nadaa Hachicha Elfouzi and Mohamed Ali Zarai

 Service Quality Attributes SME’s Desire In Their Choice And Retention Of A Bank:   An Australian Perspective

 Earl Jobling, Greg Walker and Troy Heffernan

 Management Control Systems For R&D Activities In Government Sector: A Case Of   Indonesia

 Parulian Silaen and Robert Williams

 Strategizing the Outsourcing Industr in an Emerging Knowledge Economy:       A Critical Perspective

 Chun Kwong Han

 Mathematical Modeling Of Service Quality Towards Organizational Performance:  Case Study On Malaysian Local Authorities

 Khairul Anuar Mohd Ali , Daud Talib and  Fazli Idris


 Construct Validation of the Job Characteristics Scale in the Malaysian Public Service  Setting

 Johanim Johari, Daratul Ambia Che Mit, and Khulida Kirana Yahya

 Business Ethics and CSR As Part Of MBA Curricula: An Analysis of Student     Preference

 Michael Segon and Christopher Booth
  8  Audit Pricing In Australia In 2000s  Shirley Wong

 Inside the ‘Crystal Triangle’: The US ‘War on Narcoterrorism’ in Colombia :

Oliver   Villar


IAS/IFRS Adoption by Italian listed Companies : First Empirical Evidences

 Alessandro Cortesi, Elena Montani and Patrizia Tettamanzi


Validity and Reliability of The Safety Climate Measurement in Malaysia

Nor Azimah  Chew Abdullah and Others


Make or Buy Strategy and Origin of Sourcing Materials and their Relationship with   Firm Performance

Zainal A. Mohamed, Haim H. Abdullah, Rozhan Othman   and  Jegak Uli


Innovating Corporate Governance teaching through Online Scenario-Based    Learning

 Jenifer Varzaly and Judi Baron

Effects Of Parents’ Work Conditions On Children’s School Achievement :A Study Of    Dual-Earner Families

Johari Talib

Mothers At Work : What Happen To Children?

Nasruddin Yunos and Johari Talib

The Impact of Interest Rate Changes on Islamic Bank Financing

Radiah Abdul   Kader and Yap Kok Leong


Corporate Governance Disclosure: An International Comparison

Tehmina Khan

Delivery of Economic Benefits using Public Private Partnerships in the Development   of Infrastructure Projects

Hui Thia and Guy Ford

 Sectorial Homogeneity Of The Structure Of Gross Value Added In Eurozone     Countries

 Robert W. Włodarczyk

Customer-Focused Strategies And Information Technology capabilities: Implications   For Service Quality Of Malaysian Local Authorities

Jamaliah Said, Wee Shu Hui,  Dennis Taylor and Rohana Othman



 Prioritizing Effective 7Ms to Improve  Production Systems Performance  by  Using  AHP Technique

Reza Rostamzadeh  and Saudah bt. Sofian

Currency Crises, Sunspotsand Exchange-Rate vershooting 

Julian Inchauspe

 Competitive Strategic  Alliances Through Knowledge Value  Chain

Arash Najmaei, Zahra Sadeghinejad


SMEs Employees Gender Composition and Firm Growth: Evidence from   Manufacturing Industry in Co-operative Sector during the Second Development   Plan in Iran from 1995 to 1999

Mohammad Ali Feizpour and Reza Jamali

Signalling Corporate Collapse Using a Dual-Classification Scheme: Australian Evidence

Ghassan Hossari

The Effect of Sourcing Strategies on the Relationship Between Competitive   Strategy and Firm Performance

Haim Hilman Abdullah, Zainal Abidin Mohamed,  Rozhan Othman and Jegak Uli


Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in the Gulf Cooperation   Council (GCC) Countries

Muawya Ahmed Hussein

Modelling Naira/Dollar Exchange Rate Volatility: Application Of Garch And    Assymetric Models

Olowe, Rufus Ayodeji

Study on Relationship Between Organizational Commitment and its Determinants  among Private Sector Employees of Pakistan

Sundas Warsi, Noor Fatima and   Shamim A. Sahibzada


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