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Vol. 5 No.1 January  2009     

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Effective Management Performance A Competency-Based Perspective

Ali Shirazi  and   Saeed Mortazavi

    2 Litigious Paranoia: Confronting And Controlling Abusive Litigation In The United States, The United Kingdom, And Australia Alvin Stauber
    3 Public Expenditure on Higher Education. Case Study: Romanian Universities

A Discussion on a        Anca Gabriela Ilie, Dan Dumitriu, Rodica Milena Zaharia, Oana Antonia Colibasanu

   4  The Evolution of Leveraged Buyouts  and Recent Overheated LBO Market

Car     Binbin Cui

    5 Foreign Direct Investment  and Economic Performance in Cameroon

              Njimanted Godfrey Forgha

   6 .Pre-Post Performance Assessment Of Privatization Process In Pakistan Ahmed Nawaz Hakro and Muhammad Akram
   7 Convergence, Divergence or ‘A Middle Way’?  The influence of Culture on Internet Recruitment

Abd     Helen Verhoeven, Bal Chansarkar, Sue Williams

  8 The Effects of Competency Based Career Development and Performance Management Practices on Service Quality: Some Evidence From Malaysian Public Organizations


Ilhaamie Abdul Ghani Azmi, Zainal Ariffin Ahmad & Yuserrie Zainuddin

  9 Estimating Technical and Scale Efficiency of Malaysian Commercial Banks: A Non-Parametric Approach Izah Mohd Tahir, Nor Mazlina Abu Bakar & Sudin Haron
 10 Empirical Analysis on Emerging Issues of Malaysia Outward FDI  From Macroeconomic Perspective

            Jerome Swee-Hui Kueh, Chin-Hong Puah  and Shazali Abu Mansor

 11 Australian and Chinese in Commercial Ventures China’s Arbitration Legislation - Finding Solutions John F. Bourke  and Rosemary Lucadou-Wells
 12 The Influence of Personality And Socio-Economic Factors on Female Entrepreneurship Motivations in Malaysia Kamisan Gadar and Nek Kamal Yeop Yunus
 13 The Relationship Between Executives’ Remuneration and Corporate Financial Performance

           Elizabeth Krauter and  Ferreira de Sousa


Im        Do Teachers of  Management “Practice What They Preach”?:

John McElvaney
15 Market Making Signals for CNX Nifty Futures

Prasanna Kumar Barik and M V Supriya


T         Pricing of New Securities: Is it Accounting or Finance that Matters?:  


Nakiran Rajangam and Sheela Devi D. Sundarasen

17  Importance of Info Security at Pakistani Hospitals

          Mohamed Nasr 

18 Effective e-Governance for Good Governance in India

N. S. Kalsi,  Ravi Kiran  and  S. C. Vaidya

19 Economics Of Islamic Trade Financing Instruments

Rosita Chong, Raihana Firdaus Seah Abdullah, Alex Anderson and Hanudin Amin

20 Risk Management Practices and Risk Management Processes of Islamic Banks

            Romzie Rosman

21 Impact of Culture On Mergers and Acquisitions


22  Consumption and Its Function: Exploring the Time-Series “Consumption Function” in Australia 1959-60 to 2005-06

Ahmed Nawaz             James Doughney and Jo Vu

23 . Corporate  Governance : Western and  Islamic Perspectives Zulkifli Hasan
24 The Practice of Shariah Review as Undertaken by Islamic Banking Sector in Malaysia

Mohd Hairul Azrin Haji Besar, Mohd Edil Abd Sukor, Nuraishah Abdul Muthalib and Alwin Yogaswara Gunawa

25 Towards Understanding the Relationship Between Information and Communication Technology  and Competitive Advantage  in a Developing Economy

Fairouz Mosleh Aldhmour


26 Islamic Banking: Theories, Practices and Insights For Nigeria

Uhomoibhi Toni Aburime and Felix Alio

27     Why Poor Regions Remain Poor: Evidence from Malaysia

Hasnah Ali and Sanep Ahmad

28    Supervisory  Power Bases and Job Satisfaction: Influence of  Organization  Size, Age Difference and Job Tenure

Lee Kim Lian and lLow Guan Tui

29     Revisiting the Link Between Product and Industry:Diversification and Corporate Performance Willem Burgers, Dan Padgett, Brian Bourdeau and  Andy Sun
30    Volatility of Money Market Interest Rates Under the Inflation Targeting

Karel Brun

31     Calendar Effects in Pakistani Stock Market Shahid Ali and  Muhammad Akbar
32     Corporate liability and Internal Supervisory Body: An Italian Evidence

Giuseppina Gandini and Francesca Gennari


Challenges in A Globalised Context For InternationalHuman Resource Managers in South African Organisations

Andries J du Plessis* and K. Huntley** 
34     Elimination of Technical Barriers in European Securities Settlement Torsten Schaper

 Structures of Corporate Governance in Italy and Comparison at European Level:

Giuseppina Gandini, Riccardo Astori and Raffaella Cassano

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