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Vol. 4 No.5 October -November 2008     

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 Technology complexity, Personal innovativeness and intention to use wireless  Internet using mobile devices in Malaysia Farzana Parveen and Ainin Sulaiman
    2 Tax  Fairness Dimensions in an Asian Context: The Malaysian Perspective Anna A. Che Azmi  and Kamala A. Perumal
    3 The Strategic Issues, Business Plan and Implementation from Situational  and  Industry Analysis A Discussion on a Specific Case

A Discussion on a     Moha Asri Abdullah

   4  Putting Intellectual Capital to work:  Utilizing the Intellectual Potential Framework

Car      Carl-Henric Nilsson and Christina Lindskog

    5  The European solvency margin: an update for Italian non-life insurers

                Alberto Dreassi  and Stefano Miani

   6  Financial Securies’ Reporting: IFRS 7 Requirements Are Quite Strange: Czech  Perspective Jiří Strouhal, Jan Bobek and Petra Žďárská
   7 How Detrimental is Job Stress? : A Case Study  Of Executives in the Malaysian Furniture  Industry

Abd     Abdul Latif Salleh, Raida Abu Bakar, Wong Kok Keong

  8 Pegging to the Dollar and the Feasibility of the Proposed Currency Area in the GCC

    M      Mahmoud Arayssi

  9 Presenting a “Career-Life Balance” Approach to the Work-Life Balance Issue Mark Wickham &  Simon Fishwick
 10 Malaysian Employees’ Performance of  Their  Managers Leadership Style

            Nazatul Shima  Abdul Rani,   Fatimah Pa’wan,  Normaziah Che Musa 

and  Misyer Mohamed Tajudin

 11 SMEs Export Orientation and Performance: Evidence from a Developing Economy John O. Okpara and Nicholas Kumbiadis
 12 The Adoption of e-Banking: The Case of Omani Banks Salim Al-Hajri
 13 Understanding Cultural Differences  The Values in a Cross-Cultural Context

             Vesa Routamaa  and Tiina M. Hautala


Im       Impact of Team Empowerment on Team performance: Case of the

            Telecommunications Industry in Islamabad  

Anbreen Mazhar Gondal and Aurangzeb Khan
15 Ethics and Accounting Profession: An Exploratory Study of Accounting Students in Post Secondary Institutions  Nicholas Koumbiadis and John O. Okpara,

T          Taylorism, Targets, Technology and Teams- Comparable Concepts :

             Evidence from a US Call  Centre

Ray Hingst and Kevin Lowe
17 The Changing Role of Human Resource Managers for International Assignments

           Andries J du Plessis and Bob Beaver

18 Can Extension of fundamental Models Cancel the Existence of Abnormal Returns in Emerging Market? Nizar Hachicha,  Amina Amirat and Abdelfettah Bouri
19 The Financial Reform and Mutual Fund Industry in Korea Sung-Ky Min
20 The Compliance Costs of the Personal Income Taxation in Malaysia

            Noor Sharoja Sapiei and Mazni Abdullah

21 Forecasting Water demand for Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic Use in Libya Fathis F. Lawgali
22  WTO, NAMA Negotiations and Implications for Developing Countries; The Case of Pakistan Economy

Ahmed Nawaz              Ahmed Nawaz Hakro  and  Abdallah Mohammed Omezzine


23 Work-Life Conflicts and Desired Work Hour Adjustments: Banking Perspective in Pakistan Arooj Malik  and  Gulfam Khan Khalid
24 Price Distributions and Core Inflation Measures: How Do They Differ in a Rapidly Structurally Adjusted Economy? Mohamed Hassan
25 A Stakeholder Perspective of Strategy Formation Chris Booth and Michael Segon
26 Flawed Interest Rate Policy and Loan Default: Experience from a developing country Mohammad Ziaul Hoque  and Mohammad Zakir Hossain
27     Is Australian stock market integrated to the equity markets of its major trading partners?: Mazharul H. Kazi
28    Commercial Bank Selection: The Case of Undergraduate Students in  Malaysia Safiek Mokhlis, Nik Hazimah Nik Mat and Hayatul Safrah Salleh
30    Importance of Keeping a Government Share in Pakistani Companies after Privatization Ummar Aftab and Mohamed Nasr 
31     You Can’t Make Omelette Without Breaking Eggs  ulfam Khan Khalid , Arooj Malik and Ghazala Shaheen
32     Legal Services and Marketing Limitations: A Focus on SME in Malaysia Apnizan Abdullah, Yusniza Kamarulzaman, and Abdul Ghani Farinda

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