International Review of Business Research Papers.

Volume 7. Number 3 May  2011   issue   ISSN: 1832-9543

Table of Contents   

No..             Papers                 Author
1 Social Loafing and Culture: Does Gender Matter?  Diana Tsaw, Susan Murphy and Jeremy Detgen
2 Achieving the Optimal Capital Structure and its Impact on Pakistani Banking Performance  Raheel Gohar and Adnan Shoaib
3 Problems Involved in Estimating Taylor Rule with US Data  Mohammed Saiful Islam
4 What Kind of People are the Happiest? An Empirical Study  Mansoor Momeni, Nader Seyed Kalali, Mohammad Reza Akhavan Anvari, Zeinab
Raoofi and Ali Zarrineh
5 The Functional And Institutional Distribution Of Income Across Different Institutional Agents And Sectors In Malaysia  H. Mukaramah, M. Azali and A.R. Zakariah
6 Addressing Emergent Context of Shariah Compliant Financial Services: A Service Designing Construct  Karim Ullah and Nandish V. Patel
7 The Pro-cyclical Effects of Bank Capital on Bank Lending: A Case of Kazakhstan  Sang H. Lee and Mohammad Mujibul Haque
8 Resistance to Organizational Change: Putting the Jigsaw Together  Saima Ijaz and Antonios Vitalis
9 The Demand and Feasibility in the United Arab Emirates for Associate Degree Programs in Banking and Finance  Syed Kabir Nasir and Syeda Shahla Kabir
10 Employees’ Training and Performance Relationship in Hospitality Sector A Case of Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan: Fakhar Ul Afaq, Rosman bin Md. Yusoff, Anwar Khan, Kamran Azam and Kassim Thukiman
11 Effect of On-the-Job Coaching on Management Trainees Performance A Post Merger Case Study of Glaxo-Smith-Klein (GSK) Pakistan  Fahad Munir, Rosman bin Md. Yusoff, Kamran Azam, Anwar Khan and Kassim Thukiman
12 Foreign Direct Investment, Liquidity and Real Country Growth Evidence From Nigeria:  Sebastian Ofumbia Uremadu
13 Towards A Theoretical Model for Analysing the Quality of Corporate Environmental Disclosure  Emphasising What and Why: Salina Siddique, Nick Sciulli and Jeffrey Faux
14 Spill-over Effect of US Sub-Prime Crisis on ASEAN-5 Stock Markets  Noor Zahirah Mohd Sidek and Aisyah Abdul-Rahman
15 Methods of Forecasting Deaths due to Road Accidents in Pakistan  Mohamed Nasr
16 Examining the Performance of Closed-End Mutual Funds Under Different States of Pakistani Stock Market  Bushra Zulfiqar, Abdul Raheman, M. Khalid Sohail and Mohamed Nasr
17 Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Fundamentals: Linear Regression and Cointegration Analysis On Emerging Asian Economies Zaheer Abbas, Safiullah Khan and Syed Tahir Hussain Rizvi

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