International Review of Business Research Papers.

Volume 7. Number 4 July  2011   issue   ISSN: 1832-9543

Table of Contents   

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Value Investing in Thailand: The Test of Basic Screening Rules:

Paiboon Sareewiwatthan

A Review of Backtesting Methods for Evaluating Value-at-Risk:

Navneet Kaur Virdi

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Financial Performance: Results from the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Experience from Canadian Companies between 1999-2005:

 Egide Karuranga, Francesco Asti, Etienne Musonera and Muhammad Mohiuddin


The Post-Event Price Behaviour of Dual Listed Chinese B and H Shares:

 Zhenmin Fang

Measuring Forest-Based Revenue Capacity and Revenue Effort of the State Governments in Peninsular Malaysia: A Representative  Revenue System (RRS) Qpproach:

Ahmad Zafarullah Abdul Jalil

New Institutional Economics and the Performance of Nations: The Case of Australia and Argentina:

Alexis Esposto and Fernando Tohme


 Investigating the Power of Accounting and Economic Criteria at Stock Return Determinant:

Mahmood Moeinadin, Ebrahim Mansouri and Mahmood Zare Nikooparvar


 Loan Loss Provisions: Evidence from Malaysian Islamic and Conventional Banks:

Faridah Najuna Misman and Wahida Ahmad

Exploring Commitment among Union Members: Perspective and Direction:

Husna Johari and Sabarani Ghazali

Agency Costs of Debt and Monitoring:

Mazlina Mustapha and Ayoib Che Ahmad

Asymmetric Behavior of Goods and Services Inflation in Malaysia:

Nursilah Ahmad

Household Income Distribution Impact of Public Expenditure by Component in Malaysia:

H. Mukaramah, Ahmad Zafarullah Abdul Jalil and Nor’Aznin Abu Bakar


Investigating the Effect of Foreign Aid and Investment on Economic Growth in Iran:

Mehdi Safdari and Masoud Abouie Mehrizi


Corporate Governance and Risk Management Information Disclosure in Malaysian Listed Banks: Panel Data Analysis:

Sheila Nu Nu Htay, Hafiz Majdi Ab. Rashid, Muhammad Akhyar Adnan and Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera


The Effect of Group and Family Ownership on Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan

Fahad Abdullah1, Attaullah Shah2, Abdullah M. Iqbal3 and Raheel Gohar4

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